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What Is Workplace Health And Safety?

Workplace health safety

Workplace health and safety (WHS), sometimes known as occupational health and safety, is an important consideration for all businesses.

But what is workplace health and safety, and why is workplace safety important?

Here’s your guide to the basics, what you need to do as a manager or employer, and how to source the right WHS equipment to ensure the safety of your workplace. 

What is workplace health and safety?

Work health and safety is essentially the management of risks in your workplace. This can include safety risks and health risks and applies to employees, managers, clients, customers, and suppliers.

So what does all this look like in practice?

Depending on your workplace, various different health and safety measures must be in place to protect and inform people about risks. 

What are the WHS laws in WA?

Various laws and codes exist across Australia. States and Territories often have their own set of regulations which you will need to be aware of. In Western Australia, certain codes and good practices must be observed, for example, the:

These codes and practices are regulated by WorkSafe WA, and non-compliance can result in heavy fines or even suspension of business activities. 

What WHS obligations do managers and employers have?

As the person in charge of the working environment, managers and employers must ensure a safe working environment for all staff and customers. This includes:

  • Ensuring a safe working environment for all
  • Ensure all machinery and equipment is maintained 
  • Ensure safe use, storage, and handling of all equipment
  • Supply workers with relevant safety training wherever necessary
  • Remain aware of risks in the workplace and monitor the health of workers

Do workers and staff have WHS obligations?

Yes. It is the responsibility of all workers to observe safety protocols and take care of their own and others’ safety at work. It is important that all staff know and are fully trained with the use and application of equipment at work so they can stay safe and ensure others do too. 

What kind of equipment do I need to ensure the safety of workers?

Whether you’re on a construction site, pop-up event location, or a busy cafe, it’s good to know what equipment is going to make a difference. Here’s a range of premium workplace health and safety equipment to help you meet your WHS obligations:

Anti Slip

One of the most overlooked safety features on any worksite is anti-slip material. In work environments where liquids and organic materials such as food end up on the floor, anti-slip mats or stair nosing is important. At Image Extra, our anti-step products are designed to comply with AS1428.1 and have received the highest possible CSIRO “R13” rating for slip resistance.

Fences & Crowd Control

One of the main health and safety features in any large event, conference, or construction area is crowd control barriers. If you are managing a large public or private event, or need to keep people away from hazardous areas – it’s important to look at your WHS obligations. 

Here at Image Extra, we supply a range of companies with top-tier crowd control barriers, fences, and utility guards, designed to withstand force and meet relevant safety requirements. 

Safety Mirrors

The safety of your drivers, supplier vehicles, and public traffic should not be overlooked. If your business is operating down a narrow lane, or around a tight corner – installing a safety mirror doesn’t just create a safer wrong environment, but also protects your and other businesses’ assets from potential damage. 

With a range of different safety mirrors for indoor and outdoor use, we can supply you with the right solution for your property. 

Tape and Retractable Barriers

Managing indoor and outdoor crowds can be a difficult exercise. But so can ensure the safety of a worksite, or a no-go zone. Having the right equipment to deal with versatile environments – like check-in zones or a busy construction site requires retractable barriers or tape to regulate access on demand. With magnetic and wall mount options and a range of retractable barriers in supply, we have the solutions you need for proper crowd management. 

Forklift Safety & Asset Protection

Loading zones can be dangerous places – and present real challenges for workplace health and safety regulations. Forklifts, cars, and trucks moving in close quarters to valuable assets and deliveries can be the perfect recipe for a WHS disaster. 

Docking bumpers, wheel stops, and shock-absorbing guard rails are just some of the equipment we supply that can turn your WHS nightmare into a regulated and safe environment. 

Parking safety

The safety of your workers, customers, and the public at large starts in the car park. With moving vehicles and pedestrians, getting car park safety right should be on your list of priorities. Ensuring cars have enough room to manoeuvre and safely enter and exit is key. You should consider installing vehicle bumpers and park sentries in higher-risk areas. If you want to learn more about car park safety, read our article on 10 Different Ways to Improve Car Park Safety

Improve your WHS standards with Image Extra

Meeting your WHS obligations can be a difficult task, especially if you’re new to an industry and are just getting started. 

It’s important not to look at WHS as a box-ticking exercise, because forgetting to implement important obligations when it comes to health and safety can be devastating to your business and reputation. 

Ensure you’re up to date and fully compliant by reaching out to the team here at Image Extra. With decades of experience in supplying Perth businesses with WHS equipment – we are ready to assist you in making your business a safe work environment.

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