Wheel Chocks

Wheel Chocks

At Image Extra, you’ll find an extensive range of wheel chocks suitable for a variety of applications, from securing cars to stabilising trailers. Our collection of wheel chocks is an essential part of our service, offering high-quality tools and accessories to enhance safety and efficiency in your workplace.

We understand that finding the right tools and accessories for your business is crucial. That’s why we offer a wide range of wheel chocks to cater to different vehicle types and applications. From lightweight models ideal for cars to heavy-duty options perfect for trailers, our selection is tailored to meet the diverse demands of our customers.

Had trouble backing up a trailer or caravan to mount a kerb? There is an inexpensive, easy to carry option- a kerb ramp. Made of Heavy Duty recycled rubber and weighing 14.6kg- it is a must to have on board.

What Are Wheel Chocks?

Made from recycled rubber, our wheel chocks are durable and long wearing.

When trucks reverse into Loading Bays they should be secured by wheel chocks. You must secure your truck, trailer even caravan from moving when unattended.

When it comes to vehicle handling, safety, and security are paramount. For this reason, wheel chocks serve a valuable purpose to many road users. They restrict unwanted movement, providing an additional safety layer during loading, unloading, or parking operations. Wheel chocks are used for private use, such as cars and caravans, heavy-duty commercial and industrial vehicles, and even the aviation sector. For residents of Perth and across Australia, wheel chocks are a widely used tool, both for securing a vehicle and also making it easier to back a caravan or trailer over a gutter. As your local safety expert, Image Extra is your number-one choice for wheel chocks in Perth.

Why Choose Image Extra to Buy Wheel Chocks in Perth?

Protection & Stability

Our wheel chocks are designed to provide maximum protection and stability for vehicles of all sizes. Whether you operate a small shop or manage a large business fleet, you’ll find wheel chocks in our stock that suit your specific needs. The durability and reliability of our products ensure that your vehicles remain securely in position, offering peace of mind and added safety to your operations.

Great Customer Service

We take pride in offering excellent customer service, providing free and honest advice, and ensuring you get the products you need. Whether you’re a caravan user or a heavy vehicle driver, Image Extra is the only name you need to remember for Perth wheel chocks. We also pride ourselves on keeping our stock up-to-date with the latest and most effective wheel chocks available. Additionally, our user-friendly site makes it easy to browse and select the right wheel chocks, allowing you to add them to your cart with just a few clicks.


Price is an important consideration for any purchase, and we strive to offer competitive pricing across our range of wheel chocks.

You’ll find detailed information on each product, features, and suitability for different types of vehicles and applications. This enables you to make an informed decision and select products that offer the best value for your investment. Contact us to get a free quote!

Understanding Wheel Chocks

If you’re not exactly sure what wheel chocks are and how they’re used, our friendly team is here to help. In very simple terms, they are wedges made from a durable material (such as rubber, metal, or a composite) and they’re placed against a vehicle’s wheels to prevent it from moving. Different types of wheel chocks are available to cater to specific requirements.

Rubber wheel chocks, for example, are resistant to wear and tear, providing excellent grip on various surfaces. Metal wheel chocks, though heavier, offer exceptional sturdiness, particularly for large vehicles. On the other hand, composite wheel chocks are both lightweight and durable. Factors such as vehicle type, weight, tyre size, and surface gradient should all be considered when choosing the right wheel chocks for your needs.

Ready to Buy?

Image Extra is your go-to source for high-quality wheel chocks. With a comprehensive range of products, competitive prices, and a commitment to customer service, we are dedicated to supplying the tools and accessories that enable businesses like yours to operate safely and efficiently. Thank you for considering Image Extra for your wheel chock needs.