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ACROD Disabled Parking Bollards

Using The Right Bollards For Disabled Parking

Acrod Disabled Parking Bollards are designed to help drivers and passengers find the parking bay, and to help prevent unauthorised vehicles parking in the bay.

Parking bollards are a must for any parking space but you must adequately provide for drivers and passengers with disabilities.

Australian Standard AS2890.6 states that parking bays for the disabled must include a shared common space so they can safely transfer to and from vehicles. Adequate clearance must also be provided for vehicles equipped with a sliding side door for wheelchairs and other mobile devices.

The common area may be placed on either side of the parking bay or shared between two spaces.

In addition to the correct signage and markings, Australian Standards also require parking areas to be protected with a bollard installed at a specific position and height. This specific type of bollard prevents other vehicles from entering the common area, thus preventing harm to a disabled person who may not be visible or move quickly enough to avoid it.

It also prevents other drivers from using the common area as a parking space, so it can serve its intended purpose.

Specifications for Disabled Parking Bollards

Bollards for disabled parking bays are different from regular bollards. While all bollards are designed to prevent unwanted entry or crashing, disabled parking bollards are generally taller for higher visibility and are placed at a distance where a wheelchair can still fit through.

The standard for disabled parking bollards is at least 1300mm (1.3m) above ground, placed 800mm from the opening side of the shared area. Shared areas are typically 2400mm wide and with the bollard placed in the middle, it leaves enough space for a standard wheelchair to go through.

There are no specific standards for the prescribed width and color for disabled parking bollards. As they are essentially taller versions of permanent parking bollards, you could follow the same standards when choosing the right bollard: based on its width, material, and design.

Visibility is the most important standard when it comes to disabled parking bollards. This would prevent untoward accidents concerning disabled drivers and passengers, and prevent other drivers from parking in the designated common areas.

Another factor is the durability of the bollard. It would need to be able to withstand strong impact while also withstanding the test of time. Bollards are a long-time investment so you need to choose the right disabled parking bollards.

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