Convex Mirrors

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Convex Mirrors


Have you ever felt uneasy driving into a blind spot, not knowing what is around the corner? For minimal cost you can prevent accidents by installing one of our mirrors whether inside or outside, we have a full range. Our mirrors can be used in car parks, back laneways, warehouses or even in shops for security. Mirrors come with a wall bracket or ready to be post mounted. • Economical • Indoor/outdoor • High visibility mirrors • Dome and half dome • Installation service

What are Convex Mirrors?

Convex mirrors are curved mirrors that are used to observe areas that are otherwise out of the line of sight. Often, they’re referred to simply as ‘safety mirrors’ or ‘dome mirrors’ Their shape makes them perfect for areas with blind spots or corners, as they allow you to easily see what is happening in these areas. Their unique design provides a wide-angle view of the surrounding area, so you can always see what’s coming from around the corner.

Many companies consider them an essential safety feature as they help to reduce the risk of collisions and other accidents. They are also a great way to keep an eye on areas that may be difficult to monitor, such as parking lots and warehouses.

Convex safety mirrors also come in a range of sizes making them suitable for a variety of applications.

Different Types of Convex Mirrors

Here at Image Extra, we stock a range of convex mirrors designed to improve traffic safety inside and around your premises. Here are some of the types of convex mirrors you can choose from:

  • Indoor convex mirror – designed specifically for indoor use and can be easily mounted on a wall.
  • Stainless Steel convex mirror – impact-resistant and reinforced to withstand potential vandalism.
  • Convex spherical mirror – this provides a complete 360-degree view of the surroundings. It’s specially designed to be mounted on the ceiling or suspended from above.
  • High visibility and outdoor convex mirrors – for ultimate durability, these weather-resistant convex mirrors feature reflective surfaces that make them ultra-visible to drivers under challenging conditions.
  • Round-tangular reflective mirror – these mirrors are intelligent designs that allow pedestrians and other traffic to have an even more expansive view of blind spots.

What Are Convex Mirrors used for?

The uses of convex mirrors are many – from rearview mirrors on cars and forklifts to anti-theft. However, one of the most effective uses is reflecting spaces usually invisible to the naked eye and alerting people to oncoming danger around a corner.

They can also help spot danger – or even work as a theft deterrent. You can see convex mirrors in almost any factory, loading zone, or busy work environment where there’s heavy traffic and movement of people, products, and machinery.

Convex Mirrors Help Protect Against Vehicle Collisions

A convex mirror is an excellent safety measure, allowing drivers to see areas they would generally assume is a blind spot. Mirroring the broader surroundings – can help avoid costly or even fatal injuries. Placing the appropriate mirror at a road junction – or in a cross-traffic area in a factory, warehouse, or loading zone- can be a crucial safety feature for car/forklift drivers and pedestrians.

The Benefits of Convex Mirrors

Convex mirrors provide numerous benefits for businesses, including improved visibility and a better sense of security. They are also affordable and easy to install, making them a cost-effective way to improve safety in the workplace. Here’s why so many businesses consider them an essential safety feature.

  • Reduce accidents: Convex mirrors can reduce the number of workplace accidents and collisions, especially in busy environments.
  • Better security:  Convex mirrors can be used in combination with security cameras to give you an even better sense of security. This can be especially useful for monitoring large areas with multiple blind spots.
  • Wide-angle view: Convex mirrors provide a wide-angle view of the surrounding area, making them ideal for monitoring security in high-traffic areas.

Reducing the risk of workplace injury by installing convex mirrors simply makes sense.

Install Them Wherever You Need Them

Convex mirrors are extremely versatile and can be mounted on the wall or on a post. You’ve got the flexibility to install them at key areas throughout your business where accidents are likely to occur.

They can also be positioned both indoors and outdoors. So, not only do you get the added protection for pedestrian traffic and road safety on your premises, but also a deterrent for thieves.

Why Choose Image Extra For Convex Mirrors?

We  provide a full range of installation services, ensuring that your convex mirrors are properly fitted and secure. Our team of professionals are highly experienced and can provide advice on the best placement of mirrors for optimal safety.

Where Should You Mount A Convex Mirror?

A convex mirror is useless until it’s placed in the correct position at the right height. This can be a complicated process if you’re not well acquainted with how these mirrors work – and you may find it helpful to get professional advice on installation from the experts here at Image Extra.

A convex mirror must be mounted in a specific way to ensure its maximum utility is used – thus providing a safer work environment.

Here are some tips on where to mount a convex mirror:

  • Mount a mirror where objects of concern can be seen in detail about 5 to 12 metres away.
  • The typical mounting height for a convex mirror is between 2 and 3 metres – this will depend on the location and traffic type.
  • Position the reflecting surface to allow for the widest and most detailed view of the blind spot.
  • Priorities accident-prone areas and ensure the mirror does not interfere with the safety and traffic flow.
  • Mount so the mirror’s surface does not reflect a light source into the drivers’ eyes. This could be from sunlight – or an interior light nearby.
  • If your mirror is for security purposes – ensure you position the curvature to capture the exact areas you want to monitor.
  • Ensure you’re installing a mirror with a suitable material to suit its location and surrounding environment.

Combine Convex Mirrors with Other Traffic Safety Equipment

Convex mirrors are highly effective at preventing unexpected injury and collisions – but they shouldn’t be your only approach to ensuring smooth traffic around your site. Use of speed humps, appropriate way-signing, and traffic cones should, where necessary, feature in your traffic safety arsenal.

Secure Your Premises with Curved Mirrors 

Installing a curved security mirror can give workers and the public a wider field of view, which can help promote a safe and secure working environment and minimise risks to people. Reflective convex mirrors also provide security to areas otherwise hidden from view.

A safer workplace also means less damage to goods and products.

Order Your Convex Mirrors Today

If you’re looking for a reliable and cost-effective way to improve safety in your business, look no further than convex mirrors from Image Extra. Our range of products is designed to meet the needs of all types of businesses, and our installation services are second to none. Get in touch with us today to discuss your needs and find out more about our range of convex mirrors in Perth. We’ve been supplying commercial safety products since 1994, and we’d love to share our experience with you.

Shop our range of convex mirrors today and find the perfect solution for your business.