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Safety Bollards Perth


The Importance of Safety Bollards

Safety bollards play a multifaceted role in ensuring public safety, protecting property, and enhancing the overall functionality of spaces. Here are some key aspects highlighting their importance:

Pedestrian Safety

Safety bollards are crucial in safeguarding pedestrian areas. Creating clear indications between pedestrian zones and vehicular paths prevents vehicles from entering spaces reserved for foot traffic.

This is particularly important in high-traffic areas such as shopping districts, school zones, and parks, where pedestrian safety is highly important.

Traffic Control and Management

Bollards are the perfect solution for traffic management, guiding vehicles along desired paths and preventing access to restricted areas.

They help calm traffic, reduce the likelihood of accidents, and ensure a smoother flow of vehicles.

Removable or retractable bollards can be employed when temporary access is required to allow vehicular entry as needed and then secure the area once complete.

Find Out The Differences Between Removable and Retractable Bollards

Infrastructure and Asset Protection

Safety bollards protect critical infrastructure and valuable assets from accidental or deliberate vehicle collisions.

Storefronts, utilities, historical landmarks, and sensitive installations are shielded by strategically placed bollards, which minimise the risk of vehicle damage and enhance security measures around vulnerable sites. Here’s how decorative bollards are used to protect facilities.

Terrorism and Ram-Raid Deterrence

High-impact bollards, designed to stop vehicles in their tracks, protect crowded public areas and high-profile venues from potential terrorist attacks, thereby preventing loss of life and extensive property damage.


Types of Safety Bollards

Permanent Bollards

Constructed from robust materials like galvanised steel or reinforced concrete, permanent bollards are intended to create secure perimeters around sensitive areas. Their main function is deterring vehicle access and protecting pedestrians and properties.

Removable Bollards

Removable bollards offer flexibility and security, allowing for temporary access when needed.

These bollards can be unlocked and removed to permit vehicle passage, making them perfect for areas that require occasional vehicular entry or emergency access.

They are equipped with locking mechanisms that allow them to be securely repositioned, ensuring the area remains protected when vehicle access is no longer necessary.

Retractable Bollards

Retractable bollards provide a seamless solution for controlling access without compromising aesthetics.

They can be lowered flush with the ground, allowing vehicles to pass or rise to form a protective barrier.

Powered by manual, hydraulic, or pneumatic systems, retractable bollards are often used in high-traffic areas where access changes throughout the day.

Non-Conductive Bollards

Designed with safety in mind, non-conductive bollards are made from materials that do not conduct electricity, such as fibreglass or composite plastics.

These bollards are essential in environments with electrical hazards, such as near power stations, electrical substations, or any area where electrical safety is a concern.

Parking Bollards

Parking bollards are designed to organise parking spaces and protect vehicles and pedestrians in car parks.

They prevent cars from overrunning sidewalks, encroaching into unauthorised areas, or colliding with storefronts and other structures.

Parking bollards are often smaller and less imposing than other bollards. They act as a strong barrier that can be permanent or removable, depending on the parking facility’s requirements.

Flexible Plastic Bollards

Flexible plastic bollards are designed to withstand impact without causing significant damage to vehicles.

Made from durable, impact-resistant plastics, these bollards can bend upon collision and return to their original shape, making them ideal for bike lanes, car parks, and low-speed areas where minor impacts are more common.

Surface Mount Bollards

Surface mount bollards provide a solution for situations where deep excavation is not possible.

These bollards are attached to the ground with strong anchoring systems, making them suitable for permanent and temporary applications.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Safety Bollards

What are safety bollards used for?

Safety bollards are versatile structures used to protect pedestrians, control traffic, secure sensitive areas, and enhance the aesthetic appeal of spaces. They act as physical barriers to prevent vehicles from entering specific areas while allowing free movement for pedestrians.

How are safety bollards installed?

The installation process varies by bollard type. Permanent bollards may require deep excavation and concrete anchoring, while surface-mounted bollards can be installed on existing surfaces using strong anchors.

Can safety bollards be used indoors?

Yes. Safety bollards can be used indoors to protect sensitive areas, direct pedestrian traffic, or prevent vehicle access. To suit indoor environments, indoor bollards may have specific features, such as lower profile or rubberised coatings.