Removable Bollards

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Our Removable Bollards Provide Ease Of Replacement

Here at Image Extra, we provide removable bollards to offer greater flexibility when it comes to your space. Removable Bollards that are also used as parking bollards allow you to open up your space as required and can then easily replace your bollards when you need the added security.


Our Collection of Removable Bollards

What To Expect From Our Wide Range Of Removable Bollards in Perth?

Our extensive range of removable bollards include round or square sections depending on the look you want and can be padlocked or have a key lock in the post. There are two types and they can be installed by using an in-ground sleeve or a surface mounted sleeve.

The Okal Sentry lock-in bollard has a key lock in the post and once unlocked from the surface mounted plate it can be removed and stored. The Cam Lock removable bollard also unlocks from its surface mounted sleeve for gaining access. Whether there are certain times where you need to restrict access or just prefer the flexibility of being able to remove your bollards if necessary, removable bollards could be just what you need.


The Features Of Our Removable Bollards in Perth

Image Extra have a range of stainless steel key locking bollards or padlock steel removable bollards to suit upmarket locations. These bollards have an attractive appearance to enhance the look of your location and are perfect if you want security while also giving a stylish look. If you need an economical alternative then we can offer the Sleevelok or padlock locking bollards. As always, Image Extra provide removable bollards which suit any budget.

It is recommended to order an additional sleeve to store the bollard post once you’ve removed it and remember not to leave the post where it can be stolen or damaged. Instead, have a secure location where your bollards can be stored.

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