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Wheel Stops Perth

Australia’s Wheel Stops Are Available Here At Image Extra

Image Extra carry a range of Perth wheel stops for parking areas. Wheel stops are designed to not only control parking, but also to limit the travel of a vehicle within a designated parking space and prevent damage to vehicle and property.

Preventing Accidents With Rubber Wheel Stops

Perth Wheel Stops, including the rubber wheel stops, also prevent vehicles from intruding into pedestrian walkways at shopping center car parks. Products sold by Image Extra comply with Australian Standards AS2890:1:2004. If you want a more controlled environment in your parking space, as well as making things easier for vehicles when it comes to parking, wheel stops are the perfect solution.

Perth Wheel Stops

Like concrete? Our Perth-made Dugite concrete stops also conform to AS2890:1:2004 and are solid to take knocks from trucks and heavy vehicles. One of the benefits of concrete wheel stops is that they can be easily painted to suit your building or to increase visibility. we also offer heavy duty wheel stops.


Manufactured from high-tech Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) our Compliance one-piece wheel stop is available in 3 different colours.

Environmentally sustainable and is both clean and safe to handle. Suited to the harsh Australian climate it will not bend or buckle in extreme temperatures.

The wheel stop is easily handled by one person and only weighs 4.5kg

We have a duty of care to inform you that Wheel Stops should not be placed in the path of pedestrians walking to and from parked cars or crossing a car park for any other purpose.


Our best-selling Perth wheel stop is the Dugite rubber wheel stop which is inexpensive and easy to install. Name and phone number is molded into the rubber for easy reorder if you need replacements or need to purchase additional wheel stops. Our rubber wheel stops are strong, tough and made from recycled material which is resistant to corrosion. We also supply the compliance stop in three colours – grey, yellow and blue for disabled bays. These are made of linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) which is extremely tough and lightweight.


A concrete wheel stop is ideal for use in any car park and helps vehicles within a parking area to stop safely without moving too far into other parking bays. They also help vehicles avoid hitting other vehicles or property by mistake and causing unnecessary damage when parking. After all, it’s very easy for people to misjudge how far forward or back they can go! They can also help to protect garden beds and pedestrians by providing a clear barrier which indicates vehicles should stop.


Trucks, trailers and heavy machinery need to be secured to stop running away. Whether you use our standard and mobile Wheel Chocksor our Heavy Duty Truck stop, both solve the problem of securing machinery. The Heavy Duty Truck Stop is Hot dip galvanised and must be anchored to a concrete floor.